Cases basically end through verdicts or settlements.  We have obtained many multi-million dollar settlements and many multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients.  While we, of course, have had many verdicts under a million dollars, listing merely some verdicts from the past 10 years that are multi-million dollar verdicts, does impart an understanding of the success that we have had.

         Jane Doe vs. Zaret - $8,381,780.00 - (Marin County 2006) 

         Provenza vs. LeMans Corp. - $41,411,452.00 - (Clark County, NV 2007)

         Dorroh vs. Warren - $16,789,834.54 - (Tuolumne County 2008)

         Garcia vs. Douglas Phan, M.D. - $1,738,500.10 - (Santa Clara County 2010)

         DeLeon vs. Fresh Express, Inc. - $17,066,869.16 - (Monterey County 2010)

        Rodriguez vs. Amtrak - $3,863.359.00 - (U.S. District Court - Eastern District 2012)

        Karow vs. Evenflo - $8,000,000.00 - (San Mateo County 2016)

      Over the past 35 years, we have obtained well over 50 multi-million dollar settlements (i.e., $31 million, $13 million, $5.7 million, $6 million, etc.), in addition to the multi-million dollar verdicts that we have obtained.  

      Our 35 years of trial lawyer experience includes verdicts and settlements of all sizes from the very smallest whiplash case ($5,800 in 1973) to a verdict which at the time was the largest personal injury jury verdict ever upheld by an appellate court.  The verdict was in excess of $296 million dollars.  It was obtained by this office in 1999.  The trial lasted 4 months and resulted in a verdict for a family.  The name of the case is:  

        Romo vs. Ford Motor Company - $296,885,709.10 - (Stanislaus County 1999)

      Of course, however, the vast majority of cases settle.  But, when the defendants are reluctant to settle, we take them to trial and are often quite successful.