Results that Impact Society, Too.

      By enforcing our clients’ civil rights in the civil justice system, this firm has sought to modify the behavior of numerous corporations and governmental entities through obtaining  settlements and verdicts.  Additionally, we have attempted to influence the government and others to attempt to rectify bad conduct by corporations, governments and individuals.  

      Even stretching as far back as 35 years, we obtained a punitive damage award against a car dealer who had cheated a consumer.  The car dealer went out of business by virtue of the publicity associated with our verdict.  

      We obtained a verdict against a juvenile products manufacturer arising out of the death of a one year old.  The child died when the baby walker he was in, tipped over.  The jury found that the baby walker was defective.  Subsequent legislation outlawed baby walkers in California for day care centers.  Since that time, baby walkers, with wheels that allow tiny children mobility before they are ready, have virtually disappeared from the marketplace.  It is thought that ours was the first verdict in the United States which held that baby walkers, with wheels, were defective.  

      The $296 million verdict against Ford Motor Company, together with other verdicts, is thought to have influenced the automobile industry to increase the strength of the roof support in vehicles so that the roofs do not collapse upon passengers during rollovers.  

      Our most recent verdict, $8 million on March 17, 2016 against Evenflo Corporation, declared that the mattress that the baby was sleeping on was defective, and the cause of the baby’s suffocation death.  This Law Firm and the parents of baby Abby (Mr. and Mrs. Karow) are promoting legislation that would require all mattresses of baby products to be breathable.  This simply means that the juvenile products industry should be required to produce mattresses that allow babies to breathe, should the baby’s face be turned into the mattress.  Presently, there is no such law or regulation or standard or anything.  Together with the Karows, we have set up a website at:    Further, a petition to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to require such a law, has been started.  Clicking on will provide ready access to the petition.