For 35 Years

A Standard of Excellence Representing People

Not Corporations


        For over 35 years, the Law Offices of Carcione, Cattermole, Dolinski, Stucky, Markowitz & Carcione, has been dedicated to the causes of consumers and working people in cases involving dangerous and defective products, construction site injuries, dangerous public roads and property, and motor vehicle accidents.  Our office has worked hard to achieve the highest standard of excellence in representing our clients.  That effort has resulted in our winning a large number of cases that have resulted in many multi-million dollar recoveries for our clients.  

        Amongst our verdicts and settlements, are some that have been significant in the history of litigation.  Not only have recoveries been large, but they have achieved important effect in society.  Some of the products liability cases have caused manufacturers to reassess their products’ safety, thereby causing product changes that make their products safer.  Legislation to make products safer has occurred in the past.  Our efforts to effectuate these changes, continues on at this law firm.

        For example, this office’s most recent verdict, a March 17, 2016, $8-million dollar judgment against a baby product manufacturer, Evenflo, is hopefully going to result in legislative, as well as manufacturing, changes.  The product involved, a playard mattress, suffocated a 7-month old baby.  The death was ruled as SIDS by the coroner; but, this office proved the death was not a result of SIDS.  Instead, it was proven that the death was the result of suffocation by a defective Evenflo mattress.  



Our Mission

Justice for consumers and working people.